Get Sepolia ETH & Test Tokens

To use the testnet you will need Sepolia ETH tokens. These are used to pay for gas on the Sepolia ETH testnet and to obtain test tokens for use on Maverick’s testnet specifically. Sepolia ETH tokens are only intended to be used for testing applications on the Sepolia and are not meant to be traded.

How to get Sepolia ETH

Sepolia ETH tokens can be obtained from a number of faucets, including the Alchemy Sepolia ETH Faucet, which will give users up to 0.5 Sepolia ETH per day. To get Sepolia ETH from the Alchemy Faucet:

  1. Create a free Alchemy account.

  2. Navigate to the Alchemy Spolia ETH Faucet and login with your account.

  3. Enter your wallet address, complete the Captcha, and click the Send Me ETH button.

When the transaction is complete, the Sepolia ETH should be delivered to your wallet.

The same faucet can also be used to mint Base Sepolia and Arbitrum Sepolia for use on those test networks.

How to Mint Test Tokens

Once you have Sepolia ETH in your cryptocurrency wallet, you can mint test tokens from any page of the Maverick v2 Testnet. Simply click the Mint Test Tokens button in the upper right of your screen, and then choose the token you want to mint from the list of available test tokens. Click the Mint button and then approve the transaction in your wallet.

Test tokens are only for use on the Maverick v2 testnet and are not meant to be traded. They have no value outside the testnet environment.

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