Syncing V1 veMAV

Any veMAV resulting from MAV staked through the V1 UI or contracts will need to be synced to the V2 contracts so that it can be used for voting in the veFlywheel. This is easy to do through the V2 UI.

You must have synced your veMAV from V1 in order to use it in the V2 veFlywheel. Any unsynced veMAV from V1 will not be available for voting until it is synced.

This page will refer to two kinds of veMAV:

  • V1 veMAV: veMAV resulting from MAV staked through the V1 UI or contracts; any MAV staked as part of the pre-season airdrop will result in V1 veMAV

  • V2 veMAV: veMAV resulting from MAV staked through the V2 UI or contracts; any MAV staked as part of the governance or season 1 airdrop will result in V2 veMAV

Once your veMAV is synced, you will not need to worry about this distinction. Synced V1 veMAV will be recognized and treated as V2 veMAV by the V2 UI and contracts. The best way to ensure you have the fullest voting power for the veFlywheel is to make sure all your V1 veMAV has been synced.

How to Sync V1 veMAV

From the Maverick V2 dApp, choose Vote in the top menu, then select the Staking tab.

This page will show you all of your existing stakes across all chains. The list can be filtered by chain and token. It includes both V1 veMAV and V2 veMAV.

Any V1 veMAV stakes are indicated by an asterisk against the MAV token symbol. In the screenshot above, all five stakes have an asterisk, which means that all five stakes are V1 veMAV. Any V2 veMAV stakes would appear without an asterisk.

If you have unsynced V1 veMAV stakes that are eligible for syncing, the Sync v1 veMAV button will be available. Click this button to start the syncing process.

Click the button will open a modal, summarizing the stakes that will be synced. In the screenshot above we can see three types of stakes:

  • The first stake on the list is eligible for syncing, and will be synced once the button below is clicked

  • The second, third, and fourth stakes have already been synced--no further action is required

  • The fifth stake needs to be extended before it can be synced

Only stakes that still have at least a year remaining are eligible for syncing. In order to sync this stake, its duration would first need to be extended. Extending duration will soon be available in the UI, but can also be accomplished through the smart contracts directly.

Click the Sync v1 veMAV button, and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Once your V1 veMAV has been synced, it will be added to your V2 veMAV voting power and included in your veMAV balance on the Voting page.

Not seeing your V1 veMAV stakes reflected on the Voting page? It may need to be delegated to your address. V2 veMAV is auto-delegated upon staking.

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