How to Stake MAV

This page explains how to use the Staking UI in the app to stake MAV and get a veMAV balance.

MAV token holders can stake their MAV using the staking interface in the Maverick dApp. This can be reached from any page in the dApp UI by clicking the Stake MAV button in the top right area of the header.

When you stake MAV, it leaves your wallet and is staked in the Maverick staking contact. It will not be available to redeem until the end of the staking period you choose. The veMAV you receive in return for your stake is non-transferable.

Creating a New Stake

To stake MAV, you will need to create a new stake (the ability to add MAV to an existing stake will be added to the UI very soon).

Click the Create New Stake button, which will take you to the New Stake page.

On the New Stake page, first choose the amount of MAV you want to stake. The UI will automatically detect how much MAV you have in your connected wallet. You can enter an arbitrary amount in the numeric field, or click the MAX button to stake it all.

Next, you will need to choose a Stake Length. The default options in the UI are 1, 2, 3, and 4 years. The smart contract supports staking lengths as short as 1 week, but the app presents a simplified range of options.

The longer you choose to stake for, the greater the boost you will receive to your veMAV balance. In order to receive the maximum boost, you should choose 4 years (the maximum stake length). The gauges on the left are there to help you understand the balance between MAV staked and boost received. For more details on how this boost is calculated, please see the section on veMAV and MAV Staking in these docs.

Once you have chosen how much MAV to add and selected a Stake Length, click the Create New Stake button. This will open the Confirm Stake modal.

The modal will summarize the details of the New Stake: how much MAV will be staked in the contract, how much veMAV you will receive, the length of the stake, and the date on which your MAV will become available again.

If everything looks good, click Confirm Amount, and then confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Managing Existing Stakes

The table in the lower half of the Stake page presents a summary of any active stakes associated with the connected wallet. These stakes are numbered consecutively for each wallet, starting at #0 (so your first stake from your wallet will be number #0).

The table summarizes the following information:

  • Available - the date on which the staked MAV will be available for redemption from the contract

  • Staked MAV - how much MAV is staked in this particular stake, together with an estimated USD value of that MAV

  • veMAV - the veMAV balance produced by this stake

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