How to Manage Liquidity in a Pool

This page explains how to add or remove liquidity to or from an existing position in a Maverick pool, including how to close your position entirely.

Once you have added liquidity to a pool in Maverick, you will be able to find a summary of your position(s) on the Portfolio page, accessed from the top left menu on any page in the dApp. Here you can easily see the total balance of each position and its distribution within the pool.

If you want to make any changes to one of your liquidity positions, simply click on the Manage button at the bottom of that position’s card. This will take you to the Manage Liquidity page, where you will again find a summary of your balance and its distribution within the pool.

From here, you can choose to Remove liquidity from your position or Add more liquidity to it. Clicking Add will also give you the option to adjust the distribution of the liquidity in your position.

Removing Liquidity

Clicking Remove will take you to the Remove Liquidity page. Here, you can choose individual bins of liquidity to remove from your position and have their balance returned to your wallet. If you choose to remove a bin, it will be removed entirely–there is no option to remove only a portion of a given bin.

By default, none of your bins will be selected for removal. You can click on the bins in the liquidity chart to select them for removal. Alternatively, you can click the Bins Selected drop-down (1) to select the bins you want to remove. This will open up a modal which will list every bin in which you have liquidity in this pool. You will be able to see the price range for each bin and the balance of each bin.

With the exception of the current active bin, which should have a mix of both tokens, your bins should only have a balance for one of the two assets in the pool (e.g., your bins to the left of the current active bin will only have balances of the left asset, and vice versa).

Click the boxes next to any bin you wish to remove. If the box has a visible checkmark in it, this means it has been selected for removal. If you want to close your position entirely, simply make sure all of the bins are selected.

Once you have selected all the bins you wish to remove, you can click Select to move ahead with the removal process. If you wish to cancel, you can click the X in the top right of the modal instead.

The page will now update to highlight the bins you have chosen for removal. You will also be presented with a summary of how much of each token you are about to remove and send to your wallet. If everything looks correct, you can click Confirm.

The first time you remove liquidity from Maverick, you will need to approve the smart contract's access to your Maverick Position NFT. This will require a simple confirmation in your connected software wallet.

You will be asked to confirm the transaction in your wallet. Once the transaction is confirmed, the funds will be moved to your wallet and you will be returned to the Home page.

Adding Liquidity

Clicking Add will take you to the beginning of the Add Liquidity workflow, with the same pool automatically selected. Your current position will load automatically, and any changes you confirm will update your original position. For more information on the Add Liquidity workflow, please refer to our detailed section.

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