How to Check Position Balances

This page explains different methods to check the balance(s) of tokens in your liquidity position.

Use the dApp UI

Perhaps the easiest way to check your position balance is to use the dApp itself. Navigate to the Portfolio page using the link in the top menu.

On this page you will find a card or cards representing every liquidity position associated with your wallet. Each card shows the pool, distribution, TVL, and fees earned by the position. If you want more information about a particular position, you can click Manage to be taken to that position’s sub-page.

On this page you can find more detailed information about the position. The top row presents balances for each token in the pair, the TVL of the position denominated in USD, and the volume and fees generated by the position.

You can also mouseover individual bins in the position chart to find the exact quantities of each token deposited in each bin.

Use blockchain calls

If you prefer, you can query the blockchain using a block explorer. In order to do this, you will need your wallet address and the address of the pool you've added liquidity to. You can find the address of any pool in the Maverick UI using the link icon on the Select Pool page.

In the screenshot above, the link icon leads to this URL:

The pool address is the 0x number. So in this case, it is 0x74a8f079eb015375b5dbb3ee98cbb1b91089323f.

Once you have the pool address, you can navigate to the relevant PositionInspector contract for each chain:

On the contract page, select Read Contract and expand the second section labelled addressBinReservesAllKindsAllTokenIds.

Copy/paste your wallet address into the owner (address) field and the pool address you found above in the pool (address) field.

Click Query. If you have a position in the pool, you will see how much of each of the tokens you have.

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