Maverick Docs

Connect a Wallet

In order to trade or add liquidity on Maverick, you will first need a software cryptocurrency wallet. These are available as an extension for popular browsers or as apps for your smartphone.
Maverick supports the following wallets:
Click on any of the above links to find more information about each wallet, and instructions on how to install them on your browser or device.
Once you have installed a wallet, it’s time to connect it to Maverick.
Choose Connect Wallet in the top right of your browser window
When you first navigate to Maverick's dApp, you will see a button in the top right of your browser window that says Connect Wallet.
Choose your wallet from within the Wallet modal.
Click on this button and a modal will appear asking you to select a wallet. Choose the wallet you installed in the previous step.
At this point, the software wallet will take over and ask you to confirm the connection to Maverick. It may also ask you to switch to the Ethereum network, if it was not already connected to that network. Confirm the connection and network switch (if required).
Your wallet is now connected to Maverick. You can now look at our guides for traders or liquidity providers for further instructions on using the dApp.
If at any point you wish to disconnect your wallet from the testnet, you can do so by clicking your wallet address in the top right of your screen.