How to Add Incentives

This page explains how to add incentives to a Boosted Position.

When you add incentives, you are giving tokens away as rewards to LPs. This is not the same as adding liquidity. You will not receive any LP tokens or other compensation for adding incentives. You are giving away rewards to LPs who stake this boosted position. If you do not understand this feature, you are advised not to use it.

Any user can add incentives to any Boosted Position on Maverick. You do not have to be the creator of a Boosted Position in order to add incentives to it. Incentives are added from the Manage Incentives page, which can be found in the More Tools menu in the top menu.

The Add Incentives tab on this page will present you with a list of every Boosted Position on Maverick. Boosted Positions are listed by token pair and accompanied by a unique identifying number to help users differentiate between them. You can also see the fee and width of the pool each Boosted Position is in, together with the TVL for the Position itself (not the pool as a whole).

It is only possible to add incentives to a Boosted Position that already exists. If you need to create a Boosted Position first, please see our guide.

Click on a Boosted Position in the list to add incentives to it. This will take you to the Incentivize Boosted Position page.

This page will present more detailed information for the Boosted Position you have selected, including any incentives that have already been added to it, the reward contract, and the eligible reward tokens.

In the screenshot above, we can see the reward contract for this Boosted Position has four available reward tokens: MAV, weETH, WETH, and USDC. This means that these are the only tokens that can be used to incentivize it. We can also see that the MAV token has the "ve" symbol next to it, meaning MAV rewards sent to this Boosted Position are eligible for matching from the veFlywheel.

As explained in Understanding Boosted Positions, V2 Boosted Positions can have more than one reward contract. If the token you want to use is not available in the currently selected reward contract, you can use the Edit button to select a different one or deploy an entirely new one. Bear in mind that LPs can only be staked in one reward contract at a time, so multiple reward contracts risk fragmenting liquidity.

To add new incentives, use the drop-down menu to select from the available incentive tokens then type the amount of tokens you wish to add into the numeric field to the right. You will need to have the appropriate amount of these tokens in your wallet to proceed.

Use the slider to set the duration for your incentives. This is the period over which your incentives will be distributed to LPs in this boosted position. Incentives are spread evenly across the chosen duration, so if a user chose to add 7 ETH for a duration of 7 days, those incentives would be distributed at a rate of 1 ETH every day.

If you are happy with the amount and duration of your incentives, click the Incentivize button to proceed.

You will be asked to confirm that you understand you are giving away rewards by choosing this action. If you understand and agree to that, click the radio button and then click Continue. Again, if you do not understand what incentives are or why you might want to offer them, you are advised not to use this feature.

Please note, the first time you add a token as an incentive, you will be asked to Approve that particular token. Incentives use a different contract, so you will need to approve tokens even if you have already Approved them elsewhere in the dApp. Approving a token requires you to confirm the choice in a your software wallet. You may also need to set an appropriate spending allowance. Read more here.

If necessary, Verify and/or Approve the token you have chosen as incentives, then Confirm the transaction in the modal. This will send a request to your wallet. Approve the transaction there, and the tokens will be sent from your wallet to the rewards contract. Your incentives will be added to this Boosted Position and begin distribution immediately.

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