🖥️The Maverick V2 UI

Whether you're brand new to Maverick or more familiar with the Maverick V1 UI, this page is intended to help you navigate the V2 UI and find all of the available features.

All of the features in Maverick V2 can be accessed using the menu at the top of every page. Some of the pages linked in this menu have multiple tabs. This page provides an overview of each page, tab, and feature, with links to more information on each elsewhere in the documentation.

  • Swap - Provides the interface for swapping tokens with Maverick pools. Learn more.

  • Add Liquidity - The hub for users who want to provide liquidity on Maverick. Learn more.

    • Boosted Positions - Incentivized, pre-configured positions within Maverick pools. Users can supply liquidity to Boosted Positions and earn extra token rewards. Learn more.

    • Pools - Regular token pools without incentives. Users can add liquidity to these pools if they want to configure their own liquidity positions. Learn more.

  • Vote - The hub for veMAV holders to vote which Boosted Positions should receive additional incentives from the veFlywheel. Learn more.

    • Voting - veMAV holders use this tab to direct their voting power to Boosted Positions. Learn more.

    • Manage Voting Power - Provides the interface for staking MAV tokens to receive veMAV, used to vote on Boosted Positions. Also used for unstaking MAV, extending stakes, and delegating veMAV voting power. Learn more.

  • Portfolio - Presents a summary of all of a user's liquidity positions on Maverick V2. Liquidity providers use this page to manage their liquidity and claim any rewards earned from Boosted Positions. Learn more.

Advanced Features

Some advanced features can be accessed through the More Tools menu, accessed by clicking the ... symbol in the top menu. These features are intended for advanced users, i.e., token projects and market makers. Many of these features involve giving away tokens in the form of liquidity incentives. Please be sure you understand what you are doing before using these advanced features.

The features available from this menu are:

  • Create a New Pool - Used to deploy a new pool on Maverick V2, either with a new token pair or with a new set of fee and width parameters. Learn more.

  • Manage Incentives - The hub for adding and matching incentives for Boosted Positions. Learn more.

    • Add Incentives - Used to add incentives to existing Boosted Positions or to open a new Boosted Position. Learn more.

    • Match Incentives - Used to add matching incentives to be distributed as part of the Maverick veFlywheel. Learn more.

  • Docs - Links to this documentation.

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