How to Create a Boosted Position

This page will explain how to create a new Boosted Position on Maverick.

Any user can create a new Boosted Position on Maverick by clicking the New Boosted Position button on the Liquidity Shaping page. The Liquidity Shaping page can be accessed from the Tools menu in the top right of the UI.

As explained in Understanding Boosted Positions, a Boosted Position is essentially the same as a regular liquidity position, and so the basic flow for creating a Boosted Position is the same as adding liquidity in a pool and creating a regular position. You can find step-by-step instructions on that process here.

There are a few key differences between creating a Boosted Position and creating a regular position:

  • By definition, a Boosted Position is a position within a pool. This means you cannot deploy a pool at the same time as creating a Boosted Position. New Boosted Positions must be created within existing pools.

  • Although a Boosted Position can be created using any of the four Modes, if you select one of the movement modes (Left, Right, or Both) you will only be able to stake a single bin. This is in contrast to a regular position, where movement Mode positions can be created with up to three bins. For more information, see Understanding Modes.

  • When creating a Boosted Position, you will have the option to stake LP tokens (by default, they are set to auto-stake). When you add liquidity to a Boosted Position, you receive LP tokens representing your share in it. In order to earn incentives, these LP tokens need to be staked into the Maverick rewards contract. If you have another use for Boosted Position LP tokens (e.g., an external gauge), you can turn off auto-stake and your LP tokens will not be staked for you when you add liquidity. You can always stake or un-stake LP tokens later from the Portfolio page.

Please note, the first time you add tokens to a Boosted Position, you will be asked to Approve that particular token. Boosted Positions use a different contract, so you will need to approve tokens even if you have already Approved them elsewhere in the dApp. Approving a token requires you to confirm the choice in a your software wallet. You may also need to set an appropriate spending allowance. Read more here.

You do not add incentives to a Boosted Position when you first create it. This is done in a separate step using the Incentivize page. For more detailed instructions, click here.

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