How to Join a Boosted Position

This page will guide you through the process of joining a Boosted Position.

Users can find or create boosted positions on the Boosted Positions page, which is accessed from the top menu.

It's important to remember that Boosted Positions are essentially just regular positions with the ability to receive incentives. As such, they behave exactly like a non-boosted position, and the flows for adding and removing liquidity to/from a Boosted Position are almost identical.

The only other big difference is that other users are able to add liquidity to a Boosted Position and share in the incentives it accrues. For more information, see Understanding Boosted Positions.

Join an existing Boosted Position

The Boosted Positions page will present a list of all Boosted Positions currently active in the AMM, together with their TVL, Volume, and APR. Use the toggle switch above and to the right of the list to filter between Boosted Positions that have incentives and all Boosted Positions.

You can mouseover the APR data for a particular Boosted Position to see the incentives currently directed to it. Incentives are added and distributed over user-defined timeframes, and are earned by members of Boosted Positions based on their pro-rata share in that position over time. For more information, see Understanding Incentives.

Clicking on a Boosted Position in this list will take you to the add liquidity flow for that Boosted Position. This works like a simplified version of the regular add liquidity flow, since the pool and position parameters are pre-selected for you. When joining a Boosted Position, you do not select a fee tier, width, Mode or distribution: these are pre-selected by the user who created the Boosted Position.

The page for each Boosted Position will let you see its fee, width, and mode; current TVL and fees earned; and the LP Rewards (i.e., incentives) currently directed to it.

To join a Boosted Position, you simply have to select how much of each asset you wish to add to it. The assets will have to be added in a ratio dictated by the parameters of the Boosted Position and the current price in its pool. Since you are essentially taking a pro-rata share of the Boosted Position, you need to add assets according to this ratio. You can type a number into either token input field and the UI will automatically calculate the correct ratio of the other asset.

By default, the dApp is set to auto-stake when you add liquidity. When you add liquidity to a Boosted Position, you receive LP tokens representing your share in it. In order to earn incentives, these LP tokens need to be staked into the Maverick rewards contract.

If you have another use for Boosted Position LP tokens (e.g., an external gauge), you can turn off auto-stake and your LP tokens will not be staked for you when you add liquidity. You can always stake or un-stake tokens later from the Portfolio page.

Once you are satisfied with the amounts, click Add Liquidity And Stake. This will open the Confirm modal.

Please note, the first time you add tokens to a Boosted Position, you will be asked to Approve that particular token. UI buttons like Swap/Deposit will show as Approve [Token] until that token has been approved. Approving a token requires you to confirm the choice in a your software wallet. You may also need to set an appropriate spending allowance. Read more here.

The Confirm modal will walk you through Approving any tokens that need it. You can then click Confirm Amount, which will send a transaction to your wallet. Confirm the transaction in your wallet and wait for a transaction confirmation. Once you receive this, you will have successfully joined the Boosted Position and should be able to find it under the Portfolio page.

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