Inherits: Checks, PushOperations, CallbackOperations, IMaverickV2Router

Swap router functions for Maverick V2. This contract requires that users approve a spending allowance in order to pay for swaps.

The functions in this contract are partitioned into two subcontracts that implement both push-based and callback-based swaps. Maverick V2 provides two mechanisms for paying for a swap:

  • Push the input assets to the pool and then call swap. This avoids a callback to transfer the input assets and is generally more gas efficient but is only suitable for exact-input swaps where the caller knows how much input they need to send to the pool.

  • Callback payment where the pool calls a callback function on this router to settle up for the input amount of the swap.



constructor(IMaverickV2Factory _factory, IWETH9 _weth) State(_factory, _weth);

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