Maverick Ecosystem Rewards Pre-Season Airdrop


The Maverick Ecosystem Incentives Pre-Season Airdrop rewards the users and community members who contributed to Maverick’s growth and success in the pre-launch and early launch phases of the project. This includes platform users on both Ethereum mainnet and zkSync Era. A total of 26,155 Ethereum wallet addresses and 96,075 zkSync Era wallet addresses are eligible to claim MAV in this first airdrop.

The airdrop has five major sets of criteria, and rewards are divided for claiming across Ethereum and zkSync Era. Some behaviors/personas (e.g., liquidity providing) are being rewarded on each chain. Each set and chain is distinct, so a single address can be eligible for multiple sets on one or more chains and is allocated a corresponding sum of tokens. If a wallet is eligible for rewards on more than one chain, those rewards will have to be claimed separately on each chain.

30,000,000 MAV is allocated to this airdrop, representing 1.5% of the total MAV supply. A snapshot of the wallet addresses that participated in Maverick Ecosystem Pre-Season was taken on June 22, 10:00 UTC. 1687428000 is the last timestamp for the snapshot on mainnet. 44221334 was the Polygon block number used for MAVA snapshot.


Upon claim, MAV can be immediately staked in the Maverick Voting Escrow contract to receive veMAV. veMAV is a non-transferable token that is used for protocol governance. Users who choose to stake their airdrop will be eligible for a share in the subsequent airdrop for veMAV holders.


Name% of AirdropTotal MAV% for mainnet% for zkSync

Liquidity Providers





Maverick Warriors















MAVA holders






Liquidity Providers

Liquidity providers are the lifeblood of Maverick Protocol, and were the first priority in determining rewards allocations. Individual allocations were computed using a combination of dollar value of LP and time LP’d. Dollar value of liquidity added was multiplied by duration denominated in days (e.g., $200 LP’d for 10 days = 2000). A minimum LP score of 2000 was required for a reward, and LP airdrop amount scales nonlinearly with score above the 2000 minimum. This method was chosen to balance the size of TVL contribution with time commitment to the project.

Maverick Warriors

The Maverick Warrior Program was designed to incentivize and recognize community members who made substantial and material contributions to the project. Maverick Warriors are tiered based on Maverick Warrior Credits earned, and these tiers were used when determining rewards.


Maverick is committed to decentralization. Before the advent of MAV, a total of six Snapshot governance proposals were voted on by MAVA holders. This category rewards users who participated in Maverick’s early governance structure.


This category rewards users who made swaps directly with Maverick’s app. Rewards are tiered based on trading volume contributed to the project, with $1000 value of total trading volume being the minimum required for reward. Trader airdrop amount scales nonlinearly with value above the $1000 minimum.

MAVA Holders

This category rewards holders of Maverick MAVA NFTs. These NFTs were claimed on the Polygon network. The Polygon block number used for this snapshot is 44221334.

MAVA I-III were distributed to users who assisted with Maverick’s early testnet and pre-launch phases; holders of these NFTs will claim their airdrop on Ethereum mainnet.

MAVA IV was distributed to users who used the platform in Maverick’s first month live on zkSync Era. Holders of this NFT will claim their airdrop on zkSync Era. Most MAVA IV holders claimed their NFT by trading and LPing on the platform, so can expect to claim MAVA from those categories in addition to this category.

What’s Next?

To check your eligibility and claim your airdrop visit:

Missed out on the Pre-Season airdrop? Season 1 of the Maverick Ecosystem Incentives Program is already live! On-chain activities began being recorded on June 22, 2023 at 22:00 UTC.

Season 1 has a special emphasis on liquidity providers and ecosystem builders. Find more information here.

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