Ecosystem Leaderboard

This page explains the purpose of the Ecosystem Leaderboard and how scores on the Leaderboard are calculated.

Maverick’s Ecosystem Leaderboard provides an intuitive and fun way to track the contributions made by different classes of stakeholders to the larger Maverick ecosystem. Participants in the Maverick ecosystem are divided into three classes:

Each participant within a class is given a score reflecting their relative contributions. The way these scores are calculated depends on the class, and the scoring method for each class is explained in greater detail below.

The leaderboard is organized by weeks, meaning that each participant in a class is given a score for each seven day period in which they participated. The period of a week was chosen in the belief that the ecosystem would benefit from and enjoy more granular data, rather than listing overall scores which would favor early and/or larger participants.

Although the scores on the leaderboard are ultimately connected to Maverick’s Ecosystem Incentives Season 1 Airdrop, participants should not expect a 1:1 correlation between scores on the leaderboard and rewards distributed in that airdrop. The leaderboard presents data divided week-by-week, whereas the airdrop will take into account ecosystem participation over the entirety of Season 1.

Moreover, while the scores on the leaderboard do track the types of participation that will be rewarded in the airdrop, no calculations presented in the leaderboard should be considered final until the merkle tree for that airdrop is actually generated.


The tokens leaderboard tracks the contributions of token projects to the Maverick ecosystem. To be included, tokens must exist in pools in Maverick on one or more chains. The score for each token is generated by combining and weighting the TVL, trading volume, and token incentives for any pool that includes the token.


The chains leaderboard tracks the activity on Maverick across all chains where the dApp is live. The score for each chain is generated by combining and weighting the TVL, trading volume, and incentives added. This means that this leaderboard essentially represents the sum of the scores from the tokens leaderboard divided across chains. The relative scores in this category will be used to weight how the Season 1 Airdrop is divided between these chains.

Liquidity Providers

The Liquidity Providers leaderboard tracks the contributions of individual liquidity providers to the Maverick ecosystem. Any wallet address that provided liquidity in a given week for any length of time will receive a score for that week. These scores are computed using a combination of dollar value of LP and time LP’d. Dollar value of liquidity added was multiplied by duration denominated in days (e.g., $200 LP’d for 10 days = 2000). This method was chosen to balance the size of TVL contribution with time commitment to the project.

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