Migrating from V1 to V2

With the launch of Maverick V2, all LPs are encouraged to migrate any existing liquidity they have in Maverick V1 to the new V2 pools and Boosted Positions.

There are three main reasons to migrate your liquidity:

  • With its optimizations to Maverick AMM, V2 is expected to offer cheaper swaps and therefore capture more trade flow than V1. Migrating your liquidity is the best way to make sure your capital stays as efficient as possible.

  • Most--if not all--token projects will be directing their incentives to Boosted Positions on Maverick V2, which are eligible for further token rewards from the V2 veFlywheel. LPs who are interested in incentives and rewards should migrate to V2 to make the most of these opportunities.

  • Over time, trade flow is expected to migrate entirely from V1 to V2. Swappers will come to the V2 UI instead of the V1 UI, and any liquidity left in V1 will not be used as much.

How to Migrate from V1 to V2

Migrating liquidity is straightforward. Simple open your Portfolio on Maverick V1 and remove the liquidity from any pools or Boosted Positions you see there. If you need help managing liquidity, please see this guide.

Once you have removed any liquidity and it has been returned to your wallet, you are ready to add it to Maverick V2. Head to the Maverick V2 UI and add your liquidity to whichever pools and/or Boosted Positions you want. You should find most of the more popular pools already replicated in V2. If you cannot find the precise pool you are looking for, you can always deploy a new one.

Once your liquidity has been removed from V1 and added to V2, you have successfully completed your migration.

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