Deploying a New Pool

This section will walk you through the additional steps required to deploy a new pool.

In our guide to adding liquidity, we saw that it was possible to deploy a new pool if one did not already exist at your desired fee tier and bin width. In this section, we'll address the additional steps that deploying a new pool will require as you're adding liquidity.

For every token pair in Maverick AMM, there can be multiple pools with different fee tiers and bin widths. This is in order to fit the needs and strategies of different liquidity providers. These pools are not differentiated for swappers—instead, the AMM will intelligently rout their swaps to whichever pool can currently offer them the best overall price. For more information on fees, please see the section in our FAQ.

If there isn't yet a pool for your desired token pair or if the pool that does exist doesn't have the bin width and/or fee tier you want, you can deploy a new pool. You will have to add liquidity to it before it becomes active. If you do not complete every step of the Add Liquidity flow, the pool will remain undeployed.

When a new pool is deployed, it first needs liquidity to be added in Mode Static. Without a base layer of some static liquidity the movement modes will not work as expected. If you choose to deploy a new pool, the movement modes will be disabled and you will be required to start it with static liquidity. Learn more here.

How to deploy a new pool

You can start the new pool flow by adjusting parameters on the Select Pool page, which can be accessed by clicking on any pool in the list on the Pools page.

The first step is to select the token pair using the dropdown menus on the Select Pool screen. If you select a pair that has not yet been deployed on Maverick, the page will update to the Pool Not Deployed state (more on that below).

If the pair has already been deployed but you want to choose a new fee tier and/or bin width, you can click the Edit button (1) under Select Fee Tier:

This will open a modal showing all the fee tier and bin width options. By default, the modal lists all of the currently deployed pools, but a user can click the Not Deployed tab (2) at the top of the modal to choose from a list of pools that have yet to be deployed:

Like the Deployed tab, the pools listed here are listed in ascending order, first by fee tier and then by bin width. If a pool is listed under this tab, it means that there is no liquidity in it and it is not active on Maverick.

If you want to move ahead with deploying one of the fee/width combinations that has not yet been deployed, you can select it by clicking on it. A checkmark will appear next to it to show it has been selected. You can now click Select and the modal will close.

The Select Pool page will now update to the Pool Not Deployed state.

Configuring a new pool

When the Select Pool is in the Pool Not Deployed state, the liquidity graph on the right is replaced by basic instructions on deploying a new pool.

If you haven't already, you should select the fee tier and bin width. This is done by clicking the Edit button (1) under Select Fee Tier.

You will also need to select a starting price for your pool (2). This is denominated in the base asset (the first of the two assets selected).

Be very careful when selecting the starting price of a new pool. It is recommended that you choose a price as close to the market price as possible. If you start a new pool at a price that diverges from the market price, you may lose funds to arbitrage.

After you have selected the initial pool parameters, you will need to add liquidity as with any other pool. Again, if you do not complete all the steps in the add liquidity flow, the new pool will not be deployed.

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