How to Create a Boosted Position in V2

Boosted Positions are created differently in Maverick v2. In v1, a user creates a Boosted Position from scratch in an existing pool, using a dedicated add liquidity flow for Boosted Positions. In v2, a user clones an existing liquidity position into a Boosted Position and then must create a reward contract for that Boosted Position.

In order to create a Boosted Position that can receive incentives, a user must follow these steps:

  1. Create a liquidity position

  2. Clone that position into a Boosted Position

  3. Create a reward contract for the new Boosted Position

  4. Add incentives

This page will walk you through each of these steps.

  1. Create a liquidity position

To create a Boosted Position in v2 you will need at least one liquidity position in your Portfolio. This can be a position in an existing pool or the position you create when deploying a new pool. The procedures for deploying a pool or adding liquidity remain largely unchanged in v2.

To add liquidity to a pool, choose Pools in the top menu, select the pool from the list, and follow the steps to add liquidity.

To deploy a new pool, choose Add a New Pool in the More Actions menu at the top and follow the steps to select the tokens and pool parameters.

  1. Clone that position into a Boosted Position

Once you have a liquidity position in your Portfolio, you can clone it to a Boosted Position. Start by choosing Manage Incentives from the More Actions menu at the top. Then click the Create A Boosted Position button to the right of your screen.

This will take you to a screen showing all the cloneable positions in your Portfolio. Select the position you want and click the Clone to Boosted Position button.

To complete the process, you will need to add some starter liquidity to this Boosted Position. Choose the amount of liquidity to add, then click Create Boosted Position.

  1. Create a reward contract for the new Boosted Position

In order to receive and distribute incentives, a Boosted Position requires a reward contract. In v2, each Boosted Position can now have multiple reward contracts, so the user must create each one as needed.

To create a reward contract, choose Manage Incentives from the More Actions menu at the top. You will be presented with a list of all the Boosted Positions in v2, which can be filtered by network or using the text box.

Find the Boosted Position you created in Step 2 and click on it. If the Boosted Position has no existing reward contract, the page will default to the Deploy Reward Contract state. Here, you can choose up to five reward tokens that can be used to incentivize your Boosted Position.

Select at least one token from the drop-down menu. For each token, you can choose whether or not to include that token’s veToken in the reward contract. If you include veToken, this will make the Boosted Position eligible for matching, voting, and ve-staking of that reward token. For more information, see the page about matching incentives. Once you have chosen all the reward tokens you want to include in your Boosted Position’s reward contract, click the Create Reward Contract button.

The reward contract for each Boosted Position is numbered in the order of creation: the first reward contract is R1, the second is R2, and so on.

  1. Add Incentives

Once you have created a reward contract, you are ready to add incentives. See the page on adding and matching incentives for more information.

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